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Reaching out and showing love through food can be so impactful! Cooking and gathering together for a meal is a timeless act of love that people from all walks of life understand. I have a passion for all things cooking. I believe food is the heartbeat of a culture, and it is a language all its own. 

This passion of mine hasn't always been easy for me to enjoy. Since childhood, I have struggled with food sensitivities and allergies. Now I cook and bake with care and have gained an understanding of food allergies, sensitivities, and nutrition.

After earning my degree in Pastry and Baking, my plan was to work towards owning my own bakery, but God had other plans and called me to ministry school. Unfortunately, because of difficult health challenges, I was forced to quit. This was a very confusing time in my life because through obedience, I entered the school. I expected some sort of epiphany or clear message from God telling me the purpose for that experience. My gifts, passions, and callings weren't seeming to line up. Others would ask, "What are you going to do now?" I didn't know and honestly wanted some answers too. If the only purpose for that experience was just to test my obedience, I'm elated that I had the chance to take that test. My anthem for the past seven years and will always be "I trust you, God."

I have struggled with health challenges for seven years. I have a rare neurologic pain disorder that doctors say is an incurable life-long condition. I have faith but I don't deny the facts because the facts give more power to the truth - God is faithful! The size of the challenge doesn't change the size of my God. He has brought me through seemingly impossible circumstances - beating death - to penetrate the seemingly impossible circumstances of this world. The facts of my life give power and glory to all that He's done because I am still here on this earth and thriving through His strength. This is the same for the burden He has placed on my heart - human trafficking. Facing human trafficking head on and acknowledging the horrific reality enables us to trust in God who equips us with the ability to abolish it.

Amazingly, God has connected my gifts and passions to realize my current purpose. I am now using every ounce of strength I have to cook my heart out for His kingdom. With your giving and the help of Eye Heart World and A21, every recipe I make will help break the bondage of slavery.