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Who are we?

We are a small business that sells hand-crafted products and is committed to raising awareness and funds for the fight against human trafficking globally, nationally, and even in our local communities.

What is our purpose?

Our desire is to put our faith into action by using our gifts and talents to not only raise awareness, but also to raise charity funds supporting those rescuing the victims of human trafficking. With the funds raised, divided portions will go to the A21 Campaign and The Little Tree Project, LLC.

How do we raise awareness & funds?

We raise awareness globally by posting statistics about the reality of modern day slavery to social media. We raise awareness locally by speaking in local schools, churches, and other venues throughout our community.  

We raise funds by selling our very own products as well as artisanal hand-crafted items.
Once products are sold, either through our website or at local venues or pop-up shops, the proceeds are contributed to the organizations oriented to end human trafficking. (A21 Campaign and The Little Tree Project, LLC) 

To learn how you can take part in the fight for freedom, visit Action.