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A N D R E A 



I was born in Honduras, and grew up in Costa Rica. In 2010, I came to America for college. It was four years ago at college when I became aware of the underground reality of human trafficking.

And it was then, when I realized that it was more than just a physical enslavement but also spiritual confinement. I then discovered that I too was enslaved spiritually in my heart. When I became aware of what these girls were going through, I saw myself. Spiritually, I was torn down with insecurity, and, if I was honest with myself, I felt worthless. When I saw the testimonies of the girls who had been recovered, it gave me hope. Their restoration gave me the courage to hand over my own bondage to God. 

Since God has saved me from a mindset of slavery, there has been a burden on my heart to help the people who are modern day slaves to know the freedom which I have found. I want to let them know that God has called them to be free! That their freedom is the result of Jesus’ suffering. Although, I may never understand or comprehend the emotional and physical abuse that each victim has gone through, I do relate to the spiritual side of their pain. But the truth is that God has called us to be His children, and He has called each of us all by name.